Why are 26 Korean words included in the dictionary?

 Watching shows like Squid Game; Whether you listen to BTS songs like Butter or Dynamite, you have had some Korean influence in your life.

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Why 26 words in a dictionary?

South Korean influence now reaches the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

Accepted authority on the English language included 26 new Korean languages ​​in its latest edition.

"With these accessories, we are all riding the Korean wave," the OED said in a statement.

English words A wave in the sea
With the latest additions to the latest menu, the latest Korean dishes are heavily featured.

  • banchan, noun: Vegetables served with rice as part of a typical Korean dish
  • bulgogi, n - In Korean cooking, fry beef or pork with thinly sliced meat and fry.
  • kimbap, n. Wrap the seafood with rice and other ingredients in a slice of seafood mushroom and cut into large slices.

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With the international success of Squid Game, Parasite, and BTS, it should come as no surprise that it is on the South Korean pop culture list.

  • hallyu, n. South Korean music the film, TV Rising international interest in South Korea and its culture, representing the global success of fashion and food.
  • K- Drama, n. Korean-language TV series produced in South Korea.
  • manhwa, n Japanese cartoons and comic books are cartoon genre and comic books.
  • mukbang, n - Video; For example, live broadcast means that a person eats a lot of food and talks to an audience.

The OED recognizes the change in language used by English speakers, including many Korean languages.

"They show how they exchange Asian dialects from their respective regions," he said. It introduces these words to the rest of the English-speaking world. So the Korean waves could continue to move into the English sea.

'Global Thoughts'

According to Dr Hye-Kyung Lee of King's College London, the success of Korean exports, such as Squid Game or Parasite, could lead to a decline in global thinking.

Since the early success of K-pop more than 10 years ago, Korean cultural producers have a global perspective.

She said the K-drama characters are geographically different from the people of England, but can communicate internationally.

"The characters don't have much hope, they have no future, they struggle to survive."

"These plays or movies are fun and they have something special that can break the bond with people around the world."

"They criticize people for their social and socio-economic conditions that can be linked through the characters."

She believes the industry is catching up with the West in terms of cultural production and will continue to grow.

"In terms of technology and capabilities, they have the potential to produce high-quality products," he added.

Korean culture flourished

The success of South Korean exports in Britain has been short-lived.

You may remember Psy Gangnam Style, the first rapper in 2012 to reach Gangnam Style at the top of the UK singles chart.

The Oscar-winning film Parasite is currently the highest grossing non-English language film in Britain.

K-pop group BTS has become the first Korean artist to score the highest-grossing album in the UK. This year, Radio 1 recorded a special Live Lounge performance.

Squid Game is currently on track to become Netflix's most-watched series. It is in the top 10 in the UK, with 95% of visitors coming from outside Korea.

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