Fact Check: Are leaders from countries like Myanmar invited to Republic Day?


He said the guest report for the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi, India, was inaccurate. There is no basis for facts.

New Delhi: India has denied contact with BIMSTEC leaders, including Myanmar, for next year's Presidential Day celebrations in Delhi.

"We have seen speculative media reports on the Chief Guest Guest for Republic Day 2022. This report is not accurate and factual," State Department spokeswoman Arindam Bagchi said in a media report on the 2022 Republican Day guest.

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's elected government was overthrown by the military on February 1, and the February 1 coup highlighted Burma. As a result, more than 1,000 civilians were killed and thousands were arrested in the bloody crackdown by the Burmese military on dissent.

According to media reports, India is planning to bring multi-sectoral technology and economic cooperation or BIMSTEC countries with leaders for the Republic Day celebrations. BIMSTEC has seven members in South Asia: India; Bhutan Bangladesh Nepal Myanmar, It is a subregion of Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Bimstec leaders attended the inauguration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2019, beginning his vice presidency.