Magway Division At least 76 people, including 44 comrades of the People's Defense Forces, have been killed since the coup in Gangaw Township.


# Photo: Old: People killed by terrorists in Myin Thar village in September 2021

January 28

Magway Division In 2021, the military junta took power in Gangaw Township. February to January 2022 At least 76 people have been killed. 

The dead included 44 comrades from the People's Defense Forces. At least 11 comrades were killed in an accidental blast during a landmine test. At least 14 people under the age of 18 were killed. Eighteen people were killed in the massacre in Myin Thar village. Nine people were killed in the airstrikes in Namkha village, according to the Gangaw Township People's Administration. 

Due to security and telecommunications conditions in the area, the actual number of casualties could be higher than the above.

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