At least 10 soldiers were killed in a clash between LIB 411 of the Military Council and the Thandaung North Defense Force in the KNU Brigade 2 area.

Photo: NTDF members in Thandaung North

Yangon, January 28

Karen National Union KNU Brigade 2 area; At least 10 soldiers were killed and several others were injured in a clash between the Burmese Army's LIB 411 Battalion and the NTDF in Thandaung North on January 27 at around 11 am in Toungoo District, according to the NTDF.

Thandaunggyi Township Between Kywe Kale Lay village and Min Lan Taung village, about 80 troops from LIB 411; A house in Min Lan Taung village was destroyed by heavy artillery fire from the NTDF troops led by U Ko Gyi. The defense forces were able to withdraw unharmed.

On January 20, CDM workers, Fighting broke out between the TNDF and the TNDF, which entered the NTDF area on January 20 to search for PDFs. Nine people were injured and withdrew, according to the NTDF.

The Thandaung North Special Forces, led by Ko Gyi, broke away from the Karen National Union (KNU) and made peace with the Burmese Army.