More than 150 killed in clashes in Kawthoolei


The Irrawaddy January 19 2022 

Karen National Union (KNU) 2022 in Kawthoole Administrative Region Fighting between January 1 and 15 killed 159 Burmese soldiers. According to a KNU statement, 120 people were injured. 

The clashes included the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA); The clashes took place between the Karen National Defense Army (KNDO) and the Coup d'état, killing 13 people on the KNLA and KNDO sides. Eighteen people were injured. 

KNU's Duthathu District; Nyaung Lay Pin District Beit Dawei District In Mutaw and Dooplaya districts, seven innocent civilians were killed and 19 others were injured in airstrikes by artillery and small arms fire at villages and workplaces in villages and workplaces, according to the KNU. 

More than 50,000 people have been displaced by the fighting in those districts.  

Photo: KNU soldiers seen in Dooplaya District in December 2021 (Photo: CJ)