Falam Township Four members of the military council were killed in a battle near La Thee village


The Irrawaddy January 18 2022

Chin State The Chin National Defense Organization (CNDF / CNO) said that four soldiers of the Military Council were killed in a clash between La Thee and Kul Zam villages in Falam Township this morning.

The fighting started at around 9 am today and lasted for about two hours, with heavy artillery fire from the military council.

A CNDF / CNO spokesman said, “When they fired a lot, we fought back and did not know the exact position.

 Death is certain. The fighting lasted about an hour and a half to two hours. They are still firing their artillery shells, ”he said.

Yesterday, 17 January, eight soldiers were killed and many others were injured in a clash between the CNDF and a group of militants near La Thee village, according to the CNDF.

In addition, Falam Township; The CNDF said that 17 members of the military council were killed and one CNDF member was wounded in the clashes between the CNDF troops on 16 January near Par The village.

Photo: CNDF members (Photo: CNO)