A military council patrol in Pakokku was attacked by a landmine at night, killing two soldiers. In Pearl Township, military council troops were attacked and many were killed


 attacked by the People's Revolutionary Army (PRA), Pearl Army, Aung San Army, Steel MPDF and the Backwin Attack Force. Photo: Military council members patrolling at night.

Yangon, January 29

Magway Division The PKU Ranger reported that two soldiers were killed in two landmine attacks by the PKU Ranger group on January 28 at around 10 pm on January 28 in Pakokku. 

On 28 January, at around 10 pm, PKU Rangers attacked the military council patrol in Pakokku for the first time. Two soldiers were killed and at least five others were injured in a second attack on a military council investigating the blast.

"Last night the explosion was very loud. Even the houses were shaking quietly. It exploded twice. I saw an ambulance," a Pakokku resident told The Irrawaddy. 

Similarly, on January 28, at 8 pm, the Pyu Saw Htee Training and Military Council troops stationed in Zee Phyu Village, Pale Township, Sagaing Division were The People's Revolutionary Army (PRA) said that the fighting lasted for 30 minutes and that no casualties were reported from the People's Revolutionary Army (PRA).