Kawkareik-based military council artillery battalion LIB 97 fired heavy artillery shells at a monastery. Homes were destroyed and seven people were injured


Yangon, January 8

Karen State Kawkareik-based military council artillery brigade (LIB-97) fired artillery shells from Pukhan Hill this morning, January 8, in Kaw Nwe Village Tract, east of Asia Highway. Homes, including a monastery, in Myo Haung village were destroyed and at least seven local people were injured.

"Beginning at around 9 this morning, artillery shells were fired from the hot hill, hitting the monastery and destroying two houses.

Two 70-year-old grandmothers were among those hit. One person is given oxygen. My grandmother was not in good health from the beginning. Wear ankle braces. The left thigh is affected. There will also be panic attacks. More than seven people were affected, ”a source in Kawkareik told The Irrawaddy.

The Kawkareik-based Military Council (LIB) Artillery Brigade 97) fired artillery shells into villages east of the Asia Highway until this morning after artillery shells were fired from Myawaddy last night.

On January 3, two fuel tankers coming down from Myawaddy were shot dead, killing the driver and his accomplice.

Local sources and the Karen News Agency reported that the vehicles were oxygen tankers.