In Matupi, a journalist; Eleven people, including a 13-year-old boy, were shot dead. Arrested by the military as a guide and killed on the street


Yangon, January 10 

Chin State In Matupi Township, one journalist; Eleven locals, including a 13-year-old boy, were guided by the military. CDF reports that he was killed on the street after being called as a human shield. According to locals and Chin human rights groups.

Fighting has intensified between KIO and Kilun villages on the Matupi-Hakha road since January 6. The military council forces arrested eight people traveling to Kilun and Longhaw villages. On January 7, a villager was arrested and taken away from Kasei village to Kilun village to buy petrol. 

The CDF Matupi reported that 11 detainees were brutally shot dead by the military junta on January 8, leaving their bodies inhumane. 

Among those killed was the founder of Khonumthug News Agency. Pu Tuidim, the acting editor-in-chief, will also be in attendance, according to an official statement from Khonumthung. 

A local ethnic man who was recently killed by the military 

The names of the 11 are: 

1. Pu Tui Dim (55 years old, journalist)

2. Hawti Pa Le Nang (13 years old)

3. Steven

4. Puhpa Mamar Pa

5. Puhpa Vathao (Mara, One Ngiaphia)

6. Puhpa Sali (Mara, Hloma)

7. By Tinsan

8. Pa Lian Ngai

9. Pa Thak Lung

10. In Wathao

11. U Sali.