Soldier Sai Lin Tun from LIB 579 joins the Democratic guerrilla force in Chindwin


Yangon, January 25

Sai Lin Tun, a soldier from LIB 579 under the command of Operation Terrorist Military Council No. 14, was killed in Sagaing Division. The DGF reports that the Democratic guerrillas in the lower Chindwin area have made a CDM.

Photo: Soldier Sai Lin Tun doing CDM

"When he returned to his homeland, we joined him. He was unarmed. He could not accept the actions of the dictators and would join forces with the people's forces to fight the dictators," the DGF told The Irrawaddy.

Sai Lin Tun, a soldier from Private 550335, was from LIB 579, based in Mong Khok, and was warmly welcomed by the Democratic Guerrilla Force (Lower Chindwin).

The 14th Operations Command Headquarters of the Terrorist War Council is located in Mongsat, eastern Shan State, and LIB 579 is based in Mongkhot.