KNU Brigade 5 area; KNLA storms BGF camp in Mae Pali village and burns it down


Yangon, January 17

Karen National Union KNU Brigade 5 area; Mudaw (Hpapun) District The KNG Brigade 5, Battalion 102 reportedly stormed the camp on January 16 and set it on fire.

The camp is a BGF Battalion 1014 battalion camp. A source in the KNLA's 5th Brigade said that the camp was set on fire after the attack.

Two KNLA fighters were wounded in the battle, and the BGF casualties are not yet known.

Salween Press: KNLA attacks and seizes BGF camp in Mae Pali village, Papun Township 

In fact, there is no one in that camp. It's an evacuation camp.

In fact, who will be more vulnerable to defense and attack?

I do not know if it was written out of ignorance or psychological warfare.

On the other hand, the BGF claimed that there were no bloodthirsty people in the BGF.

It's obviously using baby boxes ...

The KNLA posted that the seizure of the KNLA camp, which was reported by Salween Press, was a false report.

(It's not a polling station in Bilin, but a polling station in Papun)