The military council camp in Phekone was invaded. At least 10 soldiers were killed and the military council fired on them


Photo: Phekone PDF battalion attacked a base based in Phekone in September 2021.

Yangon, January 29

Shan-Karenni border, Phekone Township; At least 10 soldiers were killed in an attack on a terrorist council outpost near Kone Son village at 6:30 am on January 29, according to the PDF.

The fighting intensified between 6:20 a.m. and 9:10 a.m., injuring two paramedics.

"The fighting has been going on since the morning at the entrance to Phekone town. The fighting has been very intense. The Phekone battalion used to use less than 60mm and now 106mm are constantly firing," said a local source.

"This morning the fighting was intense and the planes came down by plane. It was fighting with the PDF, KNDF and KA coalition. The details of the fighting are not yet known as the internet has been cut off on the ground. I think there will be a lot of fighting today, "a KNDF member told The Irrawaddy.

More than 80 military vehicles left Hsi Hseng-Loikolam last night, January 28, according to local sources.

In Phekone, the 7th Military Operations Command Headquarters and the Light Infantry Battalions under LIB 421; LIB 336 battalions and artillery battalions; Supply battalions are based.