We are very saddened that ZRA is working with the military council


January 24, 2022

The Chin Defense Force (KSF) has repeatedly said that local security forces in Chin State are fighting not only the coup d'état but also the attacks by Indian separatist groups affiliated with the junta.

Some of the militants were involved in the attacks, and the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRO / ZRA), a militia group that has reached an agreement with the Indian government, has raided and destroyed some local defense posts and recently clashed with the Chin National Army. (CNF / CNA), which resists the military council.

The local defense forces have said that the ZRA is cooperating with the military council in connection with the attack. It has denied any involvement under the military.

Therefore, the Chin National Army (CNF / CNA) 's views on the Indian separatist movement that is currently active in Chin State. The Irrawaddy asked Salai Htet Ni, a CNF spokesman, for his views.

Q: Please tell us about the clash with the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA / ZRO) in Tedim Township.

Answer: In Tedim Township, we have the Chin National Army (CNA); Regarding the clashes with the local defense forces and the ZRA, we are marching to clear the area. There was a clash with ZRA. At that time, 4/5 of them fell. We are not affected.

Q: ZRA was previously on the Burmese side. Is there any movement in Tedim Township? Have you ever been in contact with CNF?

Answer:: We only know about ZRA / ZRO as a group that is rebelling against the Indian government. But what they are doing in Burma is ZRO in the east. The main reason is that they made peace with the Indian government and stayed in India as a militia. Only then did they come to our area and act.

Mainly Zomi tribes are also in Tedim Township. There is also India. So they are always threatening us not to stay in our strongholds in the eastern part of Burma. They did nothing to us. However, when we were clearing the area with the local defense forces, we clashed with them.

Salai Htet Ni, spokesman for the Chin National Army (CNF / CNA)

Q: ZRA sends letters to CNF; How long have you been active in Tedim?

Answer: ZRA has been active there for a long time. But the meaning of sending letters has been around since 1995/6. At that time, they were not based here. It is based on the Indian side. We have been settling in Tedim Township since we reached an agreement with the previous junta.

But last year and this year, they became more active. We called our comrades. I was told not to stay there. He was released. For that, we have to work in our own area. The area was cleared to provide more protection for the security of our comrades.

Q : On January 16, the ZRA announced the formation of a combat battalion under the Eastern Command. So will there be more clashes between the two sides?

Answer: : It depends a lot on them. We are very saddened that ZRA is conducting military operations in collaboration with the military council. One of the reasons we fought with the ZRA was that before the fighting, they entered Tedim and entered and exited the military council camp. And when we followed the path of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), they split the CNF office twice. There are such things.

If we continue to do that, we will lose our position. We will defend ourselves with our nationalist ideology. Whether or not a battle breaks out will depend on their actions.

Answer:: Meeting with Indian-based insurgents, including the ZRA, depends on how close our position is to their position. If they work in harmony with the military council, it will be very difficult for us to discuss. We will have to find a way to discuss this depending on their position. At the moment, there is no discussion under the circumstances. But if the people are affected by the fighting, we will be sad. We will stand by the people as much as we can.

Q : Fighting has also been reported in Ton Zan Township in recent days. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Answer: : There are local defense forces in Ton Zan Township. We have regional security cooperation with them. The fact that Indian insurgents are cultivating opium in their territory is unacceptable to other foreign armed groups in their area of ​​national duty. Another thing is that there is opium under the military council. There, fighting broke out when we took control of the area.

Q : What does the CNF have to say about the assessment that the military council is using Indian rebel groups to dismantle local defense forces?

Answer:: These are: Earlier, Indian armed rebels were used on the Kalemyo-Tamu border. The military is also involved in the opium trade. ZRA also expelled the creation of local defense PDFs in Tedim Township. Training camps were destroyed. Their leaders were arrested and killed. It became similar to the activities of the military council. If we continue to do that, it will be for our national cause. In the long run, it could endanger local security. We will work with the Chin National Army and local defense forces to clear up as much as we can.

Q : Does the inclusion of Indian insurgents at the same time as fighting the military council make it even more difficult?

Answer: : We will never watch the military council join forces with the rebels on the other side. To protect our people; To overthrow the military dictatorship that our people want; We will do our best to resist and prevent obstacles in our country. We have made these issues a national security duty and we will protect them.

Q : Please tell us about the current military situation in Chin State.

Answer: : It will be a year since the military coup. What we have heard is that before that year, Sagaing Division, PDFs to Chin State; We see that they are implementing their military plan to completely destroy the local defense forces. In this situation, we will defend with the people as much as possible. We have no way back. It will continue to fight back.