In one village in Sagaing, the army set fire to more than 100 houses. Three villagers were killed



Sagaing February 2 2022.

Sagaing Division Minkin Township According to locals, 110 houses in Ben village were set on fire by the military council and Pyu Saw Htee on February 1. 

The 300-strong force set fire to homes and arrested 35 villagers as human shields. A local resident in Ben village said three men were killed. 

"The tents at the port were set on fire. A total of 35 children were abducted by Pyu and military councils in Panset Taung Phyu village. "It simply came to our notice then.

Two-thirds of the village was set on fire. The villagers of Ben are also in need of food and medicine as they are fleeing, according to locals. 

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