PDF A group of Kalay's brigade commanders, Soe Ye Zat alias Thar Dot, was arrested by the junta

Photo- Sai Ye Zat's Facebook

February 2, 6 p.m.

Voice of Kalay, a local news outlet covering the Spring Revolution, reports that a junta commander arrested a brigade commander from the 5th PDF Children's Battalion on his way home from Kalemyo, Sagaing Division.

The Burmese army arrested U Soe Ye Zak, also known as Tha Dot, a brigade commander of PDF Kale, who lives west of the Taunggyi squid market near 228 Street in Chan Myae Aung Si Ward, Kalemyo, on February 2 at around 6 pm yesterday.

He said the arrests were made on the way home from a report by Dalan informants near his home.

Sai Ye Zak's father was suffering from a stroke at his home and his father was also beaten by the junta.

The junta also confiscated a mobile phone after arresting Sai Ye Zak, and is working to arrest more people who spoke to Sai Ye Zaw on the phone.

PDF Kalay soldier arrested Those who have been in contact with it need to be especially careful


Yesterday, 2-2-2022, at around 6 pm in Kalemyo, Chan Myae Aung Si Ward, U Sai Ye Zak (B) Thar Dot, who lives west of Taunggyi squid market near 228th Street, was arrested at his home by military council terrorists.

He was serving as a brigade commander in PDF Kalay Battalion 5 and was arrested on his way home. The arrest was made on time when he returned to his home, according to Dalan. This is the second raid on their home.

His mother and father, who was suffering from a stroke, were at home at the time of the raid, and the father, who was suffering from a stroke, was beaten by the militants. 

He was arrested along with some explosives and his mobile phone, and some of his Facebook contacts were being matched with photos, and the military junta was conducting a search. However, as his social network account is no longer searchable on Facebook, those who have been in contact with him are urged to take precautionary measures.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.



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